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Summer 2017 Print Exchange!

June 26th, 2017 UPDATE: The ShootFilmCo Print Exchange is now closed! You will receive and email on or before July 1st with your exchange match.

What is this?

A print exchange is a way that photographers can share their work with one another in the best format ever: as a physical, printed piece--the way a photograph is meant to be seen. In decades past, this is how many artists and communities collected prints from peers they admire--through the exchange of prints. Lets carry on this tradition.

The Rules (PLEASE read this)

It works like this: fill out the form below BEFORE JUNE 25th 2017, and on July 1st, you will be randomly matched with another participant and informed via email. It's then up to you to send a print of a FILM photograph (you can send more than one if you want, it's up to you) to your match, and VICE VERSA. That's it! I (and the community) ask that you send your print promptly and in protective packaging. It is art, after all. This is international, SO PLEASE BE AWARE that you may have to mail your print to another country. I will do my best to match country-to-country, but that may not be possible for all participants.

We're working on the honor system: please be nice, and don't be a flake. Oh, and tell your friends!


Q: Can the photograph be taken with a digital camera?

A: No. We're trying to promote the usage of film as a capture medium.

Q: Is there a print size requirement?

A: No, there is no print size requirement.

Q: Can it be a digital print of a film photograph, or does it have to be darkroom printed?

A: Print method does not matter, as long as it was captured with film

Q: Do I have to pay for postage?

A: Yes, you are responsible for all costs in producing and mailing a print to your match.