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PhotoMemo FAQ

General Information: Current version "Standard Edition Ver 1.01" Released February 28th, 2017.


- Added "Book Number" field on front cover

-Added index page

- Added page numbers

-Heading line thickness adjusted for visibility/legibility

Q: So, PhotoMemo is a notebook?

A: Yes! It's a notebook, specifically designed for photographers who shoot film, but any photographer who wants to put pen to paper to take notes can use it all the same.

Q: Is it preformatted, or are the pages blank?

A: It is preformatted. Each two-page spread is laid out as roll journal, but you can also keep a log of tech data for every exposure, if you want. The goal was to make it usable as one, or the other, a combination of both, or neither--you can make it your own. The ink color is a balance of being dark enough to read, but light enough to be unobtrusive of your notes and sketches. Here's an example of a spread:

Q: Isn't there a smartphone app that does this?

A: Yes--there are a few, and by all accounts they do what they do fairly well. This is for folks that like putting pen (or pencil) to paper. No need to stare at a screen, type on 2-inch keyboard, charge a battery, and there's no monthly data plan.

Q: What's the paper like?

A: The cover is 100 lb. NEENAH Environment Desert Storm. It's a thick, smooth, writable stock, a bit thicker than an average business card. I chose it as a balance between thickness, weight, and sturdiness. The inside pages are 60 lb. Finch Opaque Smooth. Again, a balance between thickness, weight and sturdiness. 60 lb. paper is a tiny bit thicker than the 20lb. bond you'd find in an office printer or copy machine. It's also a bit more opaque so the writing won't bleed through nearly as much as it would on 20lb. The biggest factor in choosing this stock is because of it's great feel when writing on it.

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