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17 Mar '16

Japan Camera Hunter Introduces StreetPan 400 Black & White Film

Posted by Mike Padua in 35mm, film, news

Japan Camera Hunter StreetPan 400

In a world where megacorporations like Fujifilm want out of the film business, and the makers of Betamax and the MiniDisc are selling you a new digital camera with higher megapixels and faster frames per second every six months, one man has introduced a new film:

Japan Camera Hunter has announced JCH Street Pan 400 black & white film!

Not merely a repackage, but a resurrected emulsion developed, and since discontinued, by Agfa, Street Pan 400 is available for preorder now in 10 packs, and expected to ship in May or June.

Because it is made in small batches at a considerable cost, Japan Camera Hunter needs support and preorders so that he can produce higher batches at lower cost in the future.

I personally pulled out my wallet and placed my order the minute I learned about it, and I can't wait to try it out!

Get the details, including order information and even developing times by clicking here.

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