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08 Feb '19

Talking Leica and Getting Coffee with KingJvpes on YouTube


Look who came through and paid a visit! It's Jonathan Paragas, aka "KingJvpes" on YouTube.

We grabbed some coffee, met some great folks, and talked about our Leica M2, M6, and chatted about film.

He's been sharing his experience with film and bringing us along for the ride in his videos. We definitely need more young, enthusiastic voices willing to share what they learn with the community.

Thanks Jonathan!


27 May '17

Video Review: Leica M6 TTL In-Depth

Posted by Mike Padua in gear review, leica, video


The venerable Leica M6 TTL. It's been reviewed many times, but I have some of my own thoughts to share, and I do a deep dive into features and compare the features of a rangefinder to a 35mm film SLR, the Nikon FM2/FM2N.

It's a long video, so grab a cup of coffee or tea and settle in for a bit! - Mike