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14 Dec '15

Donation to Toys For Tots

Posted by Mike Padua

Toys for Tots donation

On Black Friday and Giving Tuesday, I decided to give out some discounts like everybody else. Instead of a gigantic door-buster discount, though, I chose to give a 15% discount AND donate 10% of proceeds to Toys For Tots Foundation (read about that here).

With your help we were able to raise some money and today I'm proud to say that WE (as in myself and everybody who helped) made a donation to Toys for Tots. It's not a gigantic number, but it is a number that might help a few less-fortunate kids through what can be tough holidays. Hopefully, with your help, that number can grow in the future.

Thank you to everyone who helped.

I plan to keep the promotions going to help out more charities in the future.

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