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10 Jul '18

"Always Carry a Spare" : a Stop Motion Animation Short Featuring Cameras and Photos by Max Lamdin

Posted by Mike Padua in Interviews, Videos


Today I'm super happy to feature something a little different: a stop motion animation short created by photographer Max Lamdin. I'm going to let him take the reigns and tell you what this project is all about below. Have at it, Max!


My name is Max Lamdin, I’m a 20-year-old photography student living in Kent in the UK, I’ve been heavily interested in photography for the last 5 or 6 years but have always enjoyed it, I grew up shooting film and returned to it around 4 years ago and it’s been my main focus for all of that time. I’m pretty much constantly shooting, with no particular preference for subject matter; street photography, portraiture, documentary the works, on a whole range of formats too, 35mm, medium format and polaroid.

The thing that ultimately interests me the most about film photography is the unlimited possibilities which can be made from cameras to film stocks, plus I have always been interested in the cameras and how they work. That was the main motivation behind the animation from the beginning, although it was set out as a Uni project I knew I wanted to make something that wasn’t just a straight video and I knew I wanted to make it about cameras.

In total I took around 3000 images in a simple set up with a lighting tent, sadly I couldn’t use film for this project because I would have if given the chance. The ‘story’ line behind the video was a bit of make it up as you go kind of thing, but I wanted to make sure I was using film cameras as they’re what I’m most passionate about and I wanted to use modular cameras so that I could build them up in the video. When I made the video, the cameras included were my favourites at the time, the Nikon F4, is an absolute beast of a camera and I treated it as such, I used it heavily over 2 years and it was one of my absolute favourite cameras, however I recently sold it as I got hold of an F5 that was at a price I couldn’t say no too, whereas the F4 was a beast the F5 is an absolute monster!

Although I miss the F4 I’m incredibly happy with the F5. Also included in the video is a Bronica SQ-Ai, perfect for this video due to its modular build, sadly this camera has had some issues and has been sent away for repair twice, which is why at the very end of the video eagle eyed viewers will notice something slightly different about that particular camera. I’m currently using an SQ-A in its place at the moment which is alright in some regards, but I definitely miss my SQ-Ai. The final camera in the video is a Polaroid ProCam, a bit of a weirdo in some regards, I see it as something Robocop would use which I hope explains why I’ve edited the way I have. But a very fun camera to use, taking Spectra film and allowing for a larger amount of control than most polaroid cameras. Now I’m using either an SX-70 of the Polaroid Macro 5 (something definitely worth looking up).

That’s the story behind the cameras I’ve chosen, all of the images included in the video preceding the cameras were shot using those particular cameras/on similar formats, to give a glimpse into my photography while also being surrounded by what I love most about photography.

In total, the video took an estimated 30 hours to make, about 15 hours of shooting, and roughly 10 hours of sound design, all of the camera sounds were genuine sounds which I recorded myself, and most the sound effects were found on free sound websites (poor student problems). I’m not entirely sure how long I spend editing the video in total, but it must have been roughly 5 hours at least. I wanted to make something which was meaningful to me and actually showed something which I am interested in which I feel was accomplished.

If you would like to see any more of my photography it can be found at maxlamdinphotography.co.uk or you can follow me on Instagram @the_maxines if you’d rather see some of my more sporadic postings about cameras and general photography nonsense.

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