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25 Nov '17

Noel Wells Shoots Directorial Debut "Mister Roosevelt" on Super 16mm Film

Posted by Mike Padua in 16mm, movies

Noel Wells in her directorial debut, "Mister Roosevelt"

Noel Wells, known for her appearances on Saturday Night Live and a strong supporting role in Aziz Ansari's Netflix series "Master of None," has released her directorial debut "Mister Roosevelt."

From the beginning, she was determined to shoot it on film, and with DP Dagmar Weaver-Madsen's help, they completed that task using Super 16mm.

She's got quite an analog-centric background: her college thesis was entitled “The Art of Film: Why Analog Photographic Processes Should Outlive the Digital Revolution.”

When asked why film was important to her, she said "film looks beautiful, it elevated and matched the story tonally." She's also been shooting her personal photography on film.

She was interviewed on Kodak's own podcast, The Kodakery (Soundcloud, iTunes) along with Weaver-Madsen and spoke at length about the process and her dedication to shooting her first feature on film.

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Watch the trailer for Mister Roosevelt:

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