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24 Jan '17

Kodachrome. Processed in Color. Seriously.

Posted by Mike Padua

EDIT: Due to the high volume of responses, I need to stress that ShootFilmCo DOES NOT Process Kodachrome and that this article is about the person who does: Kelly-Shane Fuller, who can be contacted through these channels:

Email: photo@piratelogy.com

Piratelogy Studios (Facebook)


Kodachrome, as you may know, is the film manufactured, and since discontinued in 2009, by Kodak that required a proprietary process to develop--essentially a "secret sauce." The last lab to have the capability to develop this process, Duane's, ceased all development in 2010. There was even a documentary produced by National Geographic of Steve McCurry shooting and developing the last roll of Kodachrome.

Some labs will offer Kodachrome processing, but only in black & white. To say that losing this film and process didn't sit well with a lot of photographers would be an understatement.

Kelly-Shane Fuller of Piratelogy Studios has been experimenting...and experimenting...and experimenting with processing Kodachrome in color. And he's done it. And he's offering Kodachrome processing to YOU.

From Kelly-Shane's post on Facebook in the Film Photographer's Group:

Ok friends, as many of you may know I've been developing Kodachrome as *COLOR SLIDES* for several months now, and I've been asked by a LOT of people if I'd be willing to offer lab services.

I've put a lot of thought into it, and the answer as of today is YES.

If you've been hoarding Kodachrome in the back of your freezer, its time to pull it out.

Here's the rundown:

I take no responsibility for color shifts, lack of image, weirdness in development, or children born with the head of a dog due to my process.

These couplers are LIKELY not going to give long term image stability.

I've processed MOSTLY Kodachrome 64 in 35mm, along with a little bit of K25 in 35mm. I've just gotten the pictured roll of PKR64 in 120 to try, so 120 film will be a go as well.

I CANNOT currently do motion picture lengths, though I'm working out a way to make that happens. That means no Super8, Double8, or 16mm films.

Development will be $25 a roll + shipping. This process is expensive, and I'm the only one doing it right now. Hopefully with enough interest I can order larger chemistry amounts and drive this cost down.

Kelly-Shane shared some examples with me showing the evolution of his process, from the beginnings where he was even able to get (wildly shifted) color in the first place, through the refinement, and onto what he's able to do today. Check out these photos:

"Colors are all sorts of off, but it proved I could GET color." - Kelly-Shane Fuller


"One where I was really getting decent color. Saturations were low, but it was basically 'correct'." - Kelly-Shane Fuller


And finally, from one of the last 3 rolls he's done.


Now, I've yet to try his service myself, so this is by no means an endorsement--but I AM excited that someone has begun to crack the code of this secretive and proprietary process that has been all but lost--and you better believe I'm going straight to my film fridge after I post this to shoot what I have.

Want to give it a shot? Get in touch with Kelly-Shane through the below channels, and share your results!

Email: photo@piratelogy.com

Piratelogy Studios (Facebook)


The Facebook link no longer works.

Posted by Ned Elliott on September 22, 2019

Trying to get old Kodachrome 36 exposure Process K-14 roll of film developed ! Tried Walmart ey could’nt do it .

Posted by Charles Schroeder on March 31, 2019

Roll of Kodachrome II color process K12
Do not know how old it is, do you think you could try to develop?

Posted by Daryl on March 31, 2019

I have several kodachrome k 40 undeveloped. Would love to suprise my parents with this. Could you help?
Thanks so much,

Posted by Lauren Mahoney on March 31, 2019

With rolls undeveloped from a South Africa shoot, I would love to get those great big images out of those little kidachrome cassettes.

Posted by Raymond kopen on June 02, 2018

I shoot a film of Kodachrome and i have no where to develop here in the uk.
If I send it to you will you do it ?

Posted by Xana on June 02, 2018

I have some unexposed 200 asa Kodachrome. Should I give it a shot with your process?

Posted by Gianni on June 02, 2018

I have a 36 exposure roll of Kodachrome that has resided in my freezer at 0 degrees F since it was exposed. I would love to see my pictures that I captured on that roll. I know there are some shots on there of my late wife
Can I get this roll processed?

Posted by Robert Perry on December 09, 2017

Hello dear
Could u prosses a kodak chrome film 8mm in color which was recorded in 1988 ?

Posted by moath nashwan on June 02, 2018

I have a partially exposed roll of ASA 25 Kodachrome that must be 35 to 40 years old. I would gladly pay you to process it. How do Iproceed?


Trevor Monroe

Posted by Trevor Monroe on May 31, 2017

I’m trying to find someone to develop a kodachrome video of my aunt who was an opera singer here in Israel. Can someone direct me?

Posted by Nikki Kagan on June 02, 2018

Holy sweet Jesus! Must have missed the posting of that last photo on Facebook. Been following his progress. That’s awesome!

Posted by August on January 24, 2017

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