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16 Dec '16

New Zine Available: Shrimp Dollars #1 by Angelo Partemi

Posted by Mike Padua
New in the shop is a zine of all black & white photos around the Mission District of San Francisco: Shrimp Dollars #1.
I'm excited to feature Angelo in the shop and to help get his photographs in printed form into peoples hands! I'm going to let Angelo tell us about himself and his work:
"I'm originally from Chicago and have some roots in the southern portion of the U.S. I'm someone who is always uprooting and  am very intrigued by non traditional living situations. I've called the Grand Canyon, the South Korean countryside, and a hut in Pai, Thailand, "home". I'm still relatively new to the Bay Area and it's been incredible to find such a welcoming community of photographers here.
I've been shooting film, exclusively, for around four years. While I love all types of photography including contemporary landscape, I'm most interested in capturing how people do and don't interact with others and their surroundings. In the zine I tried to capture the changing demographics in the Mission and focus on those who are most marginalized by those changes.
Shrimp Dollars comes from a long line of stories that won't make sense to most people. What I love about it is, like with photography, people have their own interpretation of the meaning. A recent one I heard was, "Is this a play on the diminishing value of the dollar?" and I thought that was awesome and much more insightful than my own meaning of the name. 
To view my work, you can find me: 
I am also on Flickr, but don't really use it much. 
I want to thank Mike for giving me the opportunity to share my photographs.  Support this man, buy things."
You can buy Shrimp Dollars #1 now, along with other zines, by clicking here.

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