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30 Jan '19

Film Photography Paideia 2019 with The Darkroom

Posted by Mike Padua

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Check your light seals and look for flight deals and to get to San Clemente, CA on March 2 -3 for @thedarkroomlab's annual Film Photography Paideia (yeah I had to Google that world but I'm now smarter because of it). Speakers, workshops, inspiration, photo walks, and miles of exposed film.

The Film Photography Paideia is an annual gathering of passionate film community members from all walks of life, drawn together by a shared love of cameras and film. The Film Paideia mission is to bring together film experts and enthusiasts to exchange ideas and share their expertise of the craft. In true paideia fashion, the event is an educational and learning experience covering all aspects of film photography.

A small sampling of the folks involved are:

Trev Lee, The Darkroom

Raquel & Juan Martinez, Beers & Cameras

Michael Raso, Film Photography Project

Mat Marrash, Film Photography Project

Christine Bartolucci, Analog Talk Podcast

Jonathan Paragas, KingJvpes

Mike Bain, Harman/Ilford

Matt Day, Matt Day Photography

Take Kayo, Big Head Taco

J. Grant Brittain, J. Grant Brittain Photography

Megan Barrett, Megan Shoots Film

...and of course me, a minor leaguer swinging for the fences amongst the heavy hitters.

Get your tickets here:


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