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19 Mar '20

Social Distance Crew Cotton T-Shirt - 100% Proceeds to California Association of Food Banks

Posted by Bold Commerce Collaborator

100% of the proceeds of this t-shirt will be donated to the California Association of Food Banks

I have been anxious, scared, and uncertain about not only my health and livelihood, but also the health and livelihood of the people around me and all over the world. These frightening times have tested the limits of many of our structures.

The reality right now is that food is scarce for many people, and in the near future, maybe even totally unavailable. There is a tendency to flock to stores and clear out shelves in times of impending emergency, but that leaves many lesser-privileged people in need.

Food banks will prove to be a critical resource in light of what is happening right now with COVID-19, and we are merely at the beginning of how this thing will test our infrastructure, supply chain, and society.

SO: I've been trying to figure out how I can help. I decided that I would do what I always try to do: I tried to make myself laugh but still reflect what was weighing heavily on my mind, and I came up with this first design with the intention of raising money for the California Association of Food Banks. You can order one today in a variety of colors.

Buy yours here: https://shootfilmco.com/products/social-distance-crew-cotton-t-shirt-100-proceeds-to-california-association-of-food-banks?_pos=1&_sid=54119cdaf&_ss=r&variant=32712376909955

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