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27 May '19

Beers & Cameras Collaboration Lapel Pin

Posted by Mike Padua

Beers and Cameras Lapel Pin by ShootFilmCo

When the invitation is extended to hang out with friends at a local independent brewery, enjoy a lovingly crafted beer, and bring your cameras to take photos and talk shop, the answer should always be "yes."

When you have the opportunity to work with the organization pioneering the beers and cameras meet up movement, with chapters appearing all over the world, the answer should also be "yes."

Beers & Cameras and ShootFilmCo are proud to present to you the Beers & Cameras lapel pin, available in Chrome/Silver paired with refreshing pilsner, and Black/Bronze, paired with a rich lager.

Designed in California, taking photos and making friends all over the world.

Beers And Cameras meet-ups are bi-weekly to monthly gatherings attended by photographers, videographers and creatives looking to build a stronger local community where networking and collaboration is encouraged. Beers And Cameras meets at top local breweries and restaurants with a strong indie-beer list. They occur in the evenings and jump from one location to the next essentially fitting-in a photowalk in-between locations.

Find a Beers & Cameras chapter near you!

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