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25 May '19

In The Frame: Sheena Ocot

Posted by Mike Padua in In The Frame, Interviews

photography by Sheena Ocot

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All Photographs © Sheena Ocot. All rights reserved.

Website: https://cargocollective.com/sheenashe

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thefilmbruja/

Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/thefilmbruja

I go by Sheena She a.k.a. The Film Bruja.  I am a black belt-wielding film photographer from New Jersey.  I was born in the Philippines and emigrated to America when I was only a year old.  I have a background in creative writing and makeup.  Film has always been a  part of me because I grew up in that era and was always designated family photographer. I love all things creepy and strange.  I'm real friendly and these days, that is rare.  Currently I am in Houston, Texas trying to give my gift of film photography here.  Not sure what I am doing but I am very passionate and driven.

photography by Sheena Ocot

I love the color shifts, the light leaks, how it can hold an emotion without really having to post process.  The "look" is authentic once it is developed and the outcome seems to holds a story.  It isn't flat like digital before editing the shit out of it.  For the record, you can edit, you can shoot digital, you can do whatever you like - that's the beauty of being human!  I am not hating, this is my opinion.  That's why I am so much more attracted to film, all my photos don't need editing even if you feel like they do!

I tend to pick up my Pentax ME or Pentax P3 more.  I have a Canon AE-1 and Minolta SRT101 but my Pentax's get more action.  I'm "The Film Bruja" because I love trying out all types of film but Kodak Portra 400 is getting more love these days from me.

photography by Sheena Ocot

I started off photographing my everyday life and street photography.  With my experience in makeup/fashion, it led me to really wanting to curate photo shoots when I am not photographing portraits.  I love expressing my creative and unique eye in photos.  I like the whole team effort - styling, props, etc which I think really puts the photos together.  Creating stories without trying so hard.  Creating magick is what I love about what I do.  I don't really have a technique, I just like to just shoot and when I think it might not turn out well, I always surprise myself every time.

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