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09 Feb '18

Chroma - a New Large Format Camera Made of Laser Cut Acrylic

Posted by Mike Padua in gear, large format

Chroma by Steve Lloyd

For many film photographers (admittedly myself included), large format photography is an unfamiliar frontier. Whether it's all the technicalities (lens movements? Bellows? What does it all mean?) or a matter of price and accessibility, there's a large number of us that just haven't gotten to the point where we feel comfortable diving in just yet.

That may soon change.

Steve Lloyd, whose Chroma project I've been following for the past few months, is now live on Kickstarter.

As Steve explains, he wanted to build a large format camera that was light and easy to carry, so he did what any sane and reasonable person would do: he designed a camera from the ground-up. Weighing in at roughly 1 Kilo, or just over 2 pounds and being made of laser-cut acrylic, it can be made in any number of colors!

Chroma Camera Colors

If you can't tell, I'm excited. This camera will be my first foray into large format photography and I'm especially excited that I'm supporting a brilliant maker and friend with his project.

I'd drop all the tech specs here, but I'll be the first to admit that I don't know what most of it means, so it's best that I just direct you to the Kickstarter campaign for all those juicy details.

Also, as we had the idea a little later on in the process, ShootFilmCo is working with Steve on creating a limited edition custom Chroma Lapel Pin available as one of the rewards. Design is not yet finalized but we're going to unveil those very soon.


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Where do I get one?
How much?
When is it available?
Does it take other film holders?
How much are film holders?
Do you have 5×7 or 4×5 inserts?
What is the minimum throw ( for full range of tilt/swing )?
What is the maximum throw? ( It would be nice 10 have 1000mm possible maybe a bellows extension & support, to shoot 800mm+ ) 650mm would be a min fro a 600mm lens
Is there a way to shoot it in landscape orientation?
How much are lens boards?

Posted by Rose Yi on June 02, 2018

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