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22 Feb '18

Kodak is Teasing the Possible Return of a Film Emulsion

Posted by Mike Padua in news

Kodak has spent the last week teasing the possible return of a film emulsion--and the common guess amongst pretty much everybody is T-Max 3200. In fact, it seems that it has already been revealed ahead of time in certain markets in some preemptive Instagram stories such as this one from @ikigai.camera:

Here are the clues they have posted thus far before the big reveal on Friday, Feb 23rd. The last clue in particular features a set of ISO ratings all adding up to (drum roll) 3200!

Naturally the community is buzzing and excited about what Kodak has to unveil! With discontinuations due to lack of demand from other manufacturers, the news of emulsions coming back onto the shelves is welcome. Of course, we won't know for sure until Kodak makes their official announcement!

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