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17 Nov '17

Seen on Ebay. Genius or Troll, or just Good Comedy?

Posted by Mike Padua
Vintage Camera Replicas?
Seen on Ebay. Genius, troll, or genius troll?
Or maybe just good comedy for us camera geeks.
The seller's username is "Vintage Camera Replicas"
From the description:
"The camera that has started a craze all over the world! Vintage Camera Replicas 3-D! Cameras used vary, sometimes Kodak, sometimes Fuji. What can be guaranteed is the quality of tape on this one of a kind camera. Only genuine Pro-Gaff used. Hand colored and labeled. Press both shutter buttons at once and you capture the world in stunning 3D. Its that easy. For the pros, parallax adjustment can be made by squeezing the cameras, very effective!"

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