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23 Feb '18

T-Max P3200 is Confirmed By Kodak to Be Returning

Posted by Mike Padua in 35mm, Film, news


In a Tweet early this morning, Kodak confirmed the return of T-MAX P3200, a high-ISO black and white negative film.

The tweet didn't offer any other details about schedule, pricing and availability, but a press release with more details can be found at EMULSIVE.ORG.

I'm personally happy to hear this news as this is a film stock I've never shot myself, having grown up with and stuck with color negative most of my photographic life.

Good on Kodak for seeing the market trend and bringing back a well-loved emulsion, I can't wait to shoot it!


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It was terrible, Ilford HP5 pushed to asa 800 was so so much better

Posted by robert mead on June 02, 2018

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